West End

F. Dietrich (2)Being in Edinburgh, you should not miss its historical West End. One possibility to start your tour is at St Mary’s Cathedral on Palmerston Place with its stained-glass windows and several tiny nooks and crannies to discover. It also comprises the pew of Sir Walter Scott and King Charles Chapel. Leaving the church, you should go around it. Otherwise, you won’t be able to see it in its entire beauty.

From there, force your way into Chester Street and Manor Place to finally land on Williams Street. It is characterised by its colourful facades and small shops and Georgian atmosphere. At the end, turn left into Stafford Street and then right again to Melville street. From there you approach Queensferry Road. If you have not spent all your money in one of the shops on William Street, you can look for some tartan scarves in the shop down the road.

F. DietrichIf you afterwards still feel the urge to explore something, don’t miss the Georgian House. It’s an authentic depiction of how people used to live in Edinburgh 200 years ago. Next to it is Bute House, home to the Prime Minister of Scotland. From there you go along Queensferry Street to Dean Bridge and Edinburgh’s river Water of Leith.

Freya Dietrich