W. Armstrong and Son

Near the end of The Grassmarket there lies an unassuming shop fronted by two large windows and an ageing signboard that simply reads W. Armstrong and Son. This shop sells all things vintage in a range of styles and sizes whilst also providing an experience to all who enter. Here one can buy clothes and accessories from every decade going all the way back to the 1930s.

IMG-20170916-WA0007An impressive selection of military surplus kit and old military uniform, unique in both its range and quantity, sets it apart from many of its competitors in the odd world that is vintage clothing.

The shop in The Grassmarket is the original, opened in 1840. Since then there have been two further W. Armstrong and son shops opened in Edinburgh with the head office control being moved to the shop on Clerk Street. However, it is The Grassmarkets’ that still holds the crown over the other two due to its more central and historical location, the larger range of clothes here and the greater feeling of timelessness.

Charles Butler