The Tartan Mill Experience

SONY DSCOne thing you will not fail to find in Edinburgh, is tartan. The indisputably Scottish criss-cross cashmere can be found on most streets and the town centre, littered with souvenir shops and cashmere retailors. The Tartan Mill is another outlet amongst hundreds in the city.

SONY DSCHowever, the mill is definitely unique. All the fabric is created in Edinburgh, inside the building itself. You can watch the seamstresses weaving the fabric using traditional methods and tools to make the plaid in store. The mill is very informative, explaining the origins of the highland tartan, its changes over the years and its current relevancy in today’s world. Learn about the highland Clans, Scottish ancestry and even buy the individual clan colours to wear yourself.

Although the mill shuts at 7.00 PM, the workers leave earlier, so if you’d like to watch the tartan being woven make sure to visit earlier in the day. You can find a wide variety of true kilts, jackets, scarves and socks which all comes in good quality. Entry is free, but cashmere and lambswool can be pricy, a scarf (around £16) is a fairly priced and authentic Scottish souvenir.

Fern Bowdery