The Red Door Gallery

SONY DSCIn the colourful ensemble that is Victoria Street stands a little red door. Snuggled between 46 and 44 are windows cluttered with an array of jewellery, crafts and displays that invite you into to this tiny world of art.

The Red Door Gallery is a boutique shop filled with creative trinkets and prints. This is such a special place to visit because this shop sells original artworks from local artists, so it’s good to know that they are supporting the Scottish art scene. Inside you’ll find humorous Star Wars comics, unique jewellery, beautiful calendars, inventive homewares, and dozens upon dozens of prints. Lots of the prints are Scottish themed or Edinburgh inspired, and hanging one of these up will be a lovely way to bring the charm and magic of Edinburgh to your home.

This sweet small store is brimming with talent and imagination so if you do visit Victoria Street, in which you inevitably will, make sure you pop in! The Red Door Gallery also has an online store that you can browse at

Fern Bowdery