The Meadows

Being once a loch and the city’s washing place, the Meadows are today a wide, open, green space. The Middle Meadow Walk, which leads to Forrest Road and to the National Museum of Scotland, forms a direct connection from the park to the city centre.

Meadows 3.JPGBecause of its position in the south of the Old Town, the Meadows are the perfect place for hanging out, having a barbecue in defined spaces or doing some sports. In fact, you find tennis courts in the east side, while golf and sometimes formal cricket matches are played in the western part, and of course, you can go running on the various pathways and play football or whatever you fancy in the big field.

The two playgrounds are great for kids and some cafes offer little snacks and drinks. To the south, Melville Drive crosses the Meadows and separates it on the west side from the Bruntsfield Links, which also forms a parkland and golf space.

Insider tip: From there, you have a great view of all the fireworks displays taking place in Edinburgh.

Miriam Kroiher