The Elephant House

DSC06842Elephants made out of different materials, colours and sizes have found a home in Elephant House. The coffee shop won’t disappoint a fan of the huge pachyderm while sitting between so many and enjoying a cup of tea and a piece of a white chocolate raspberry cheesecake. You can also get breakfast or order something for lunch or dinner. It’s not cheap, but for the price you’ll get quite big portions. Unfortunately the café is very crowded and has got a slightly stressed atmosphere. Sometimes there is even a queue waiting outside to get in.

The reason for this is Harry Potter.

DSC06831Elephant House is popular for being the birthplace of the book series. And that’s no surprise: J.K. Rowling got a lot inspiration for her books while looking out of one of the large windows. So, try to get a table in the backroom, you won’t regret the view over Greyfriars Kirkyard, George Heriot’s School and the Edinburgh Castle.

If you are a Harry Potter fan, find some time and go to the toilet! These make it worth all waiting at the front door. You’ll finally find out that you’re not the only Harry Potter freak in the world.

Veronika Jocher