The Cameo Cinema

In a world mega cinemas and chains it is refreshing to see a quirky independent cinema doing well. Cameo is such a destination with its traditional front which resembles more of a 1920s America theatre than a 21st century Scottish one.

CameoWalk through the gaping glass doors into an undercover area that advertises all films on offer, then proceed into the surprisingly spacious ticket, snacks and bar area. This whole area has an ageless feel with old pictures and film stills all enclosed by rooms that one can’t tell if they’re designed to look old or have been maintained very well and never changed since the places opening.

This three screen cinema places you in comfy almost sofa like seats rather than the normal rigid upright seats. It also plays a mix of large international movies to smaller lower budget films. One complaint made is that this cinema does not play enough foreign movies. However this important venue for the Edinburgh International Film Festival is still a beautiful place to spend ones time and would make a perfect venue for meeting friends or a first date.

Charles Butler