The Caffeine Drip

Photo 03-09-2017, 13 14 05A burst of colour against the backdrop of Edinburgh’s West End, The Caffeine Drip is almost impossible to miss, but on the off-chance that the bright orange facade fails to catch your attention, the food certainly will. Aiming to bring a dash of South African flair to the heart of Scotland’s capital, the cafe and bakery specialises in tasty and ethically sourced treats, a promise that comes served with a heaping side-order of style.

The menu is formidable, spanning from protein-packed post-workout smoothies to huge club sandwiches, but the veggie options are where this establishment really shines. Vegans are not relegated, as usual, to one choice of burger, but are instead offered a variety of mouth-watering flavours, one of which includes crunchy no-meat bacon and deceptively juicy jackfruit pulled-pork. Photo 03-09-2017, 13 26 17Every dish is freshly made from locally sourced ingredients, only the coffee comes from further afield, namely from Rainforest Alliance certified producers in Peru, Ethiopia and Honduras.


Insider Tip: Love their coffee? You can take it home with you! They sell special blends at the counter, along with a whole host of merch!

Rhiannon-Skye Boden