Surgeon’s Hall

Fans of the morbid, medical students and aspiring murderers can find paradise just next to the main university campus. Old Surgeon’s Hall answers all questions you can have about the human body: How big can a heart grow? What is the best method to conserve a body? And what would I have done in the 1800s if all my teeth were rotten?

THE ROYAL COLLEGE OF SURGEONS OF EDINBURGHWhile wandering through the preserved body parts, you can read about healing techniques and the achievements of Scottish surgeons on the information boards. It is astonishing how much Edinburgh has contributed to modern medicine, like antisepsis or chloroform as a form of anaesthesia.

surgeons hall pathologyYou can look at hundreds of cancerous lungs or hearts with aneurysms coming from donors of all ages and time periods. The medical cases are very interesting, but you can’t help feeling a little creeped out when you enter the Wohl Pathology Museum. Sorted after the area of profession, organ after organ piles up in the high shelves of the room. The parquet floor creaking beneath you doesn’t exactly lighten the mood either.

While leaving the exhibition, however, you at least feel the relief that tuberculosis is not a major threat anymore.

 Juliane Seng

Admission £4