St. Andrew Square

St Andrew Square_F.DietrichWhen strolling eastwards along George Street, you directly fall into a green oasis, with flowers, trees and a little pond. It mirrors Charlotte Square at the other end of the street and is characterised by the huge monument to Henry Dundas, First Viscount Melville. He worked as a lawyer and became the Secretary of State for War.

St Andrew Square_F. Dietrich.JPGThe park in which this statue stands was built in 1770 and an important part of famous architect James Craig’s design for the New Town. Only later, in 1828, was the Melville monument finished.

The name of this little isle got its name from Scotland’s patron saint, Saint Andrew.

The green garden makes you forget that you are sitting near the centre of Edinburgh. At least a little, because you have to try hard to shut out all noises around you and the vehicles and people passing by.

So besides its historic value, the square simply is a green spot amidst cars, coaches and houses, but a good place to have a rest from a long shopping tour on Princes Street. When you are refreshed, you should go and visit the building now owned by the Royal Bank of Scotland with its amazing dome.

Insider Tip: No dogs are allowed.

Freya Dietrich