Scottish Whisky Experience

IMG-20170916-WA0006 (1)I went into this experience with low expectations and a deal of trepidation. This uncertainty stemmed from the very mixed reviews that this place receives with it frequently being described as both quirky and childish. Certainly the gimmicky side could be seen as soon as one walks through the door as you’re greeted by barrel ride for two people. Don’t think rollercoaster it’s more of an immersive explanation of the whisky making experience.

After this you are taken into a cinema where, through the use of a scratch and sniff card, you are taught about the different whisky regions of Scotland. From this you get a talk on how to drink whisky and the chance to try a whisky whilst exploring the Diageo Claive Vidiz world famous scotch collection.

IMG-20170916-WA0010This tour was a pleasant surprise. Certainly it was not as detailed as a tour around a working distillery, but its simple explanation and animated style makes it good for people new to scotch whisky or young families.

Charles Butler