Sandy Bells

In 1942 a very special place decided to put on a unique event that has shaped its entire meaning ever since. It was in this year that Sandy Bells decided to start having live folk music in the evenings as a way of uplifting the spirits of its patrons and making a more distinctive experience.

IMG-20170916-WA0003Ever since then at around 9.30 PM a small band will start playing in a corner and won’t stop playing joyous and uplifting music till after midnight. Each night brings a change of music from Edinburgh Swing, to Gallic and Irish vibe to a more jazz and blues night. Additionally there are afternoon sessions on Saturday, Sunday and Monday which play similar tunes just in an earlier setting. This pub creates a perfect balance of good drinks, a good atmosphere and music that is upbeat but doesn’t drown out all conversation.

Insider tip: The pub is very popular and fills up very quickly in the evenings. There is no problem with people standing here and the people are very welcoming but if you do want a table it is worth arriving before 9.00 PM.

Charles Butler