Royal Mile

DSC06895The Royal Mile is a sort of focal point within the city, a mid-point for many of the most popular tourist attractions like Edinburgh Castle. The Royal Mile otherwise known as the High Street stretches from Edinburgh Castle past St Giles’ Cathedral and is only a short walk to the Palace of Holyrood and Holyrood Park.

The Royal Mile is filled with street performers, shops and restaurants. It is awash with tartan, whisky and all sorts of tourist shops. It is certainly a street that offers a lot to a tourist as everything about the street is DSC07149targeted at and for tourists. It’s a beautiful street that is home to several of Edinburgh’s great museums and exhibits such as the Writers Museum, the Museum of Edinburgh and the Scotch Whisky experience.


Insider tip: Due to its central location the Royal Mile is a useful compass point which can be prevent the wandering tourist from getting too lost. However, its central location makes it more expensive thus if you find something you want to buy it’s worth looking else well and comparing the prices.

Charles Butler