Princes Street Gardens

If you need a rest from shopping in Princes Street, you only need to trip over your own shoes and fall right into the green meadows of Princes Street Gardens. They separate the Old Town from the New Town and extend along Princes Street. The gardens were created in 1820 after the original Nor Loch was drained.


You’ll find there at the foot of the Castle’s rock variant colorful flowers and vain seagulls posing right in front of your camera. Moreover the gardens contain a couple of monuments, for example Wojtek the Soldier Bear Memorial. By walking through the public park you can also discover a flower clock which is made out of thousands of beautiful flowers. If you like to spend more time in the green oasis, then bring your own food and have a nice picnic or buy snack there.


Especially on warm summer evenings you will enjoy the atmosphere down in one of the two huge green tubes. Maybe you’ll even get the chance to watch an event in the little open air theatre or to wander around the Christmas market.

Veronika Jocher