Pentland Hills

IMG_59522Edinburgh is a vivid city. Which is great, but sometimes you might want to get away from all the noise and traffic. The Pentland Hills are a safe way to do so. There are several options how to get there. One is to take the bus to Hillend.

IMG_5931 2If you follow the path right behind the bus stop it will guide you to a Snowsports Centre. You can either walk up the hill or you can buy a two way ticket for £3 to get on the chair lift. However, watch out for its closing time!

Once you have made it up to the top of the hill you can follow a small path which leads you over the hills and which gives you a stunning view over Edinburgh and its surroundings.

IMG_5971 2You might meet a herd of cows peacefully grazing on your path. Don’t be scared, they might be huge, but really friendly.

Take a picnic, enjoy the view, and when you’re done, just take the same way back as you came.



Insider Tipp: Bring food for a picnic!

Watch out for the chair lift’s closing time!

Franziska Heinen