Old Town Walking Tour

IMG_5784 2You’ve made it to one of Edinburgh’s most interesting spots: The Old Town. You might have heard plenty about it – the Royal Mile, old cathedrals, haunted dungeons. But now you feel kind of lost at this busy and crowded street. Men in kilts are playing the bagpipes and one historical building after the other pops up in front of your eyes.

Well, I highly recommend booking a guided walking tour which will take you away from all this noisy trouble. We met Angus, our tour guide, at the Royal Mile. After a short walk uphill we turned into a small, quiet alley. Angus, who really made history come alive, told us about old stories that once took place here. We saw the first skyscrapers in the world, walked through amazingly narrow alleys and stopped to rub the shiny toe of the statue of David Hume, which supposedly brings good luck.

DSC06955We finished our tour on the old graveyard “Greyfriars Kirkyard”, on which people like “McGonagall”, “Moody” and “Thomas Riddell” lie. Yes, J.K. Rowling might have passed the graveyard, too. Angus said goodbye at the grave of Bobby, a dog who is said to have spent 14 years guarding its owner’s grave in the 19th century.

Franziska Heinen