There is something genius in that which is simple and straightforward. With a menu of technically only six items (small, medium, large on white or brown bread) Oink has succeeded in mastering simplicity.

SONY DSCThis extremely popular street food vendor will at first startle you with its whole roasted hog in the store window! Staff pull the tender meat off and serve the pig in a roll, filling your sandwich right up to make a mouth-watering hog-roast-bun. You can take away or eat in; Victoria Streets Oink has a fairly small eating area, and as this place gets so busy it will be depending on the hour if its best to eat in or not.

SONY DSCStaff are very charismatic and welcoming which fits well in this unconventional shop. Another thing to like about Oink is that it is good honest food: the pigs are locally reared in Berwickshire and fed healthy local foodstuffs. If you visit Edinburgh, you have to try this food locale out at least once!

Fern Bowdery