Melville Monument

The Uncrowned King of Scotland

SONY DSCMelville Monument is a contribution to Henry Dundas, not a king but a man of political power in the 18th century.

You will find, akin to many of the statues and tributes in Edinburgh, that Melville Monument was dedicated to quite an awful man. Dundas was dubbed the “Great Tyrant” and “The Uncrowned King of Scotland” during his time in power. His obstruction in the abolishment of slavery, prolonging the years in which slaves was around in Scotland for and his aggressive control over politics created this portrait of “The Uncrowned King.”

Melville Monument’s column was erected in 1823 and then finished with the statue in 1826, it stands in St Andrews Square at a looming 150 feet, as if the statue on top is looking over into George Street. The large, ominous piece is often over shadowed by other monuments in Edinburgh, perhaps because of the man it commemorates., but it is not hard to miss and you will likely walk by during your travels in Edinburgh.

Fern Bowdery