Mary’s Milk Bar

MMB outsideThe very small entrance of a white-painted shop at the edge of Grassmarket could be overseen, would it not be for the long queue standing in front of it on sunny days. Mary’s Milk Bar is for a reason a popular place: their ice cream is delicious!

Milk bars were once very trendy in the early 20th Century, but are now a rarity with Mary’s being the only one in Edinburgh. You can enjoy everything dairy in the tiny, pastel-coloured parlour or take a delightful gelato on your way through the city.

MMB gelatoThe owner Mary is a trained chocolatier and creates her ice creams and milkshakes every day from scratch with only the freshest ingredients. The flavours of her gelato vary daily, so it’s worth going there a couple of times to try out new sweet delights. You can also book group workshops for £15.

However, as the bar is incredibly popular and all products are fresh, they often sell out early. So be sure to arrive in time to get a cone of heaven.

Juliane Seng