Literature Pub Tour

davThe tour started in an old pub, located on Grassmarket, called Beehive Inn. We met Clart, one of the guides played by an actor, in a meeting room upstairs. He did an opening segment which took about fifteen minutes. He was talking about famous poets and writers like Allan Ramsay, when a man in the audience suddenly opened a heated debate with Clart. He walked up the stage and it became obvious that he was part of the show. It was the second actor who played the role of the intellectual McBrain.

mdeAfter the introduction we headed to another pub, the Jolly Judge.  As this pub is quite small and crowded, we got our drinks and met outside, where Clart and McBrain performed a rap battle and told stories about the writers’ life in Edinburgh.

The tour came quickly to an end after our last stop in a pub located on Rose Street. We didn’t go into that one either. Clart and McBrain performed another poem before they said goodbye.

If you are interested in literature and able to deal with a strong scottish accent, this tour might be just the right thing for you. If you are interested in an actual pub tour and drinking beer, don’t spend your money on this one.

Insider Tipp:

Book your tickets beforehand!

Students pay less.

Bring a warm jacket – the tour is mainly outdoors.


Franziska Heinen

0800 169 7410 / 0131 226 6665 /