Jolly Judge

Right in the midst of Old Town, sits a very old pub, some say it is the oldest pub in all of Scotland! Some being dramatic tour guides and merrily drunken locals …
Down the cobbled lanes of Old Town, in the small gloSONY DSCw of orange light you may find the Jolly Judge pub, tucked away under the cold night sky. It is easy to miss, as if it only reveals itself to those who know where to look, in reality it’s just very small. But that is part of the Judges’ charm, its deep red walls and low ceilings does place this little tavern right back into medieval Scotland.

SONY DSCTraditional pub food is served here along with a healthy selection of real ales, and considering its proximity to the Royal Mile, it is reasonably priced (a pint of cider coming to £4.) Unlike most other pubs, the Jolly Judge doesn’t play music, so you actually have the chance to converse with your friends and other pub-goers without having to shout over tenaciously loud speakers or live performers.

Whimsical and quaint, the Jolly Judge does not betray its name, this is the place to come for a wonderful time in a merry atmosphere and enjoy yourself, that is if you can find it first.

Fern Bowdery