Hendersons Salad Table Restaurant

Hendersons-3When you think of traditional Scottish food, a few very specific things probably come to mind: haggis, deep-fried mars bars, maybe the odd Scotch Pie. No matter what you think of, it probably doesn’t include high-end vegan cuisine, so it may surprise you to know that Henderson’s have been an Edinburgh institution for over half a century. Since opening their doors in 1962, the vegetable enthusiasts have expanded to include four locations, and converted their original shop and deli into the now renowned Salad Table Restaurant.

Hendersons-1Split into two floors, the first level is brightly lit and perfect for brunch, while downstairs has a softer, more intimate atmosphere. Each night tasks a different live band with ramping up the ambience, whether that’s a double-bass wielding folk duo or a more restrained, jazzy affair. The menu is small but impeccably put together, with almost every option, either vegan or easily vegan-able. There are even cheat dishes that could please the staunchest meat-eater, such as battered cauliflower “BBQ wings” that are better than the real thing. Plus, Henderson’s health-conscious ethos means you don’t have to feel bad about ordering a dessert all to yourself, even if they are big enough to share!

Insider tip: Bringing the whole squad? Seats fill up fast, so for groups bigger than four make sure to make a reservation.

Rhiannon-Skye Boden