Graze on Grassmarket

F. Dietrich (2)On the lookout for something to eat? Then you should definitely go to the Grassmarket.

There, the green colour from the Graze on Grassmarket catches your eye and you know that you’re at the right place.  At first sight, it might not look like an ordinary snack bar, but behind its doors, it offers healthy food. Its décor is a mixture of simple aluminium chairs and tables, wooden stools and sofas. However, this contrasts with the lovingly prepared and healthy food for both vegetarian, and those who aren’t.

F. DietrichThere are four basics to choose from- Italian bread rolls, wraps, baked potatoes and salad boxes. The next step is to decide what you want to complement it with. It’s up to your creativity, as there is an unlimited choice of side dishes which range from fried chicken and gnocchi to falafel and lettuce.

In case you are hungry in the morning, they also serve breakfast. Furthermore, they offer outside delivery and catering and even pre-ordering to pick it up later. Being there for the first time, you might be overwhelmed by the variety of food. When you go for a wrap, try it toasted then it’ll be crispy and delicious.

Insider Tip:

One meal costs between £3.95 and £ 5.25. They also have a facebook page.

Freya Dietrich