Grassmarket.jpgStep down the stairs from Castlehill and find yourself at the beautiful square which is the Grassmarket. It was formerly one of the most important market places of Edinburgh and has over the centuries been used for different purposes. One of the most remarkable things that happened was the hanging of Maggie Dickson, who survived her hanging and lived happily ever after due to the ne bis in idem principle. One of the adjacent pubs is called after Half-Hangit Maggie.

Now, Grassmarket is a popular place especially for young people in the evenings. You can eat at restaurants for every taste and pubs, amongst them the White Hart Inn, the oldest pub of Edinburgh. However, most bars and food places are overpriced and not worth visiting. Still, if you are interested in walking through the Grassmarket, have a look at our reviews on Graze on Grassmarket or Mary’s Milk Bar.

You can get from Grassmarket directly to Victoria Street and explore their shops as well.

Grassmarket.jpgInsider tip: you can take the best selfie from Grassmarket with Edinburgh Castle in the background.

Juliane Seng