Gallery of Modern Art

Modern Art Gallery-2

Though Scotland’s National Gallery of Modern Art is barely a stone’s throw away  from the city centre , you would never guess so by looking at it.   No two outdoor exhibits are the same; some are sweet and whimsical while others are strong and imposing, so no matter your tastes you’re bound to find something to catch your eye. Landform especially, with its  gentle grassy curves and water, is a beautiful place to stop and enjoy an ice-cream before heading inside.

Modern Art Gallery-3Inside, sculptures and various historical artefacts sit alongside paintings of every medium, shape and size, and the ever-changing exhibits mean you never know exactly what to expect. Of course, it is not just the art that is worth a visit, the rainbow tiled bathrooms are the perfect selfie spot , and no trip would be complete without a cup of tea and a generous helping of (reasonably priced!) cake in the cafe. Plus, the WiFi  is fast and the staff are friendly, what more could you possibly want?

Rhiannon-Skye Boden