Fudge House

fudgehousenathalie2Since 1949, the Fudge House has sold its delicious treats in the shop on the Royal Mile. They’re made on the basis of a secret family recipe which is now in the hands of the third generation. The original flavours were what they today call Highland Cream and Caramel Glory. Inspired by the manufacturing of ice-cream, new flavours have been created from the 1970s onwards. Today, there are about 25 different flavours available in store, including, for example, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Rum & Raisin or Lemon Meringue Pie.

fudgehousenathalie1The price is really justified, because every piece of fudge is hand-made, the texture is so creamy and soft, and there is really a lot of vanilla in the vanilla one! One reason why I prefer the Fudge House to the Fudge Kitchen is that the pieces are smaller, and this means that you can try more flavours for a comparably lower price! However, if you want to have some crazy alternatives to the traditional fudge pieces, you should also stop by the larger and more touristy Fudge Kitchen.

Did you know that fudge originally comes from the US?  The attempt to create toffee went adrift which resulted in a treat that has become popular all over the UK. By the way, this is also why the term fudge implies that something has gone wrong.

Tip: 100g of fudge costs £2.89, so one piece is approximately £1.70.

Nathalie Wingert