Free Ghost Tour

You probably know the Royal Mile like this: a crowd of people strolling through little shops, men in kilts playing the bagpipes and delicious smells coming out of the bakeries and cafés. But have you walked the Old Town at night, when the streets are deserted and old mysteries come back alive?

There is a free option to do this and to listen to scary legends and macabre stories of a time when Edinburgh still believed in witchcraft and execution. Every day at 7.00 PM or 9:30 PM you can join the free ghost tour which meets at the Royal Mile. The guide will lead you through narrow side alleys, to ancient buildings and a spooky graveyard. He will stop at certain places and tell stories about what happened there ages ago. Sometimes the stories get so eerie, that even the guide gets the creeps.

However, if you’re interested in visiting Edinburgh’s underground world and its old dungeons, you need to book a paid ghost tour. I still recommend the free ghost tour to get an idea of what a scary place Edinburgh used to be.

Franziska Heinen

Meeting Point: in front of Royal Mile’s Coffee House, 144 High Street