FrankensteinLike all good members of the Hammer Film canon, Frankenstein’s monster came to life in the dead of night, and the pub that bears its name is no different. Like its namesake, the self-proclaimed “world-famous” pub is several things stitched together: a fringe venue that also hosts birthday parties, a hen night hotspot with a Oompah band playing downstairs.

Some events, like Silent Movie Tuesdays and Sunday karaoke, are weekly fixtures, but others are more sporadic, and could be anything from a Rocky Horror disco or the occasional cabaret. In addition to the sheer volume of activities, the pub often has all three floors operating at once, so you could be forgiven for thinking Dr. Frankenstein created the supremely organised staff himself.

Frankensteins -8However, before 8 o’clock the pub is an entirely different beast, and makes a surprisingly cozy lunch spot for the entire family. The scariest thing about the place is that a sandwich will set you back £10, and if the cocktails’ alcohol content doesn’t make your eyes water the price certainly will. With that said, the venue redeems itself on novelty factor alone, as the dining in an abandoned church surrounded by classic horror memorabilia is an experience you’re unlikely to find anywhere else.

Rhiannon-Skye Boden