eteaket Tea Room

eteaketnathalie2One of the best places offering you a traditional British afternoon tea is eteaket located in the New Town of Edinburgh. The shop opened in 2008 to counteract the “joyless experience of generic teabags dunked in lukewarm water for too long” (eteaket website) by using ethical leaf tea and the knowledge from tea pilgrimages to India or Sri Lanka. This means that they strive to “improve tea sustainability, the lives of tea workers, and the environment” (eteaket website) in those areas. Although the Britons prefer dark teas, there are also various types of herbal&fruit, green or rooibos tea, altogether creating an amount of at least 37 different flavours! Tea Cocktails and the chocolate abyss tea, which combines tea with chocolate chunks, cocoa and coconut flakes, are definitely worth a try.

eteaketnathalieThe teahouse is beautifully furnished creating a cosy atmosphere, and the staff is really friendly and attentive. If you manage to agree on a flavour, which can be quiet difficult, you could also share a teapot. It is served with small hour glasses indicating when to pull out the tea strainer. In their Concept Store on 111 Rose Street you can also buy your favourite tea, but additionally even the right supplies for brewing the perfect one at home.

Insider tip: One teapot contains tea for four cups and costs almost £3.

Nathalie Wingert