Edinburgh University

F. Dietrich (2)Did you know that the famous character Sherlock Holmes was born at the university? Sir Arthur Conan Doyle studied medicine there and was impressed by his Professor Bell’s interest in and deduction of people.

You may have seen a dome with a golden figure on top, while you adored the ancient houses along the Royal Mile. The shiny golden man symbolizesthe youth with the torch of learning”, and belongs the Old College on South Bridge which “form part of the historic fabric of the city”. Next to it is the National Museum of Scotland. Both were designed by the same man, William Playfair.

The George Square, near the Meadows, once was home to Sir Walter Schott and Thomas Carlyle. Its garden is more than just an idyllic isle. It houses a labyrinth for those who are up for a challenge. Behind it, on Teviot Place, is the Old Medical School and Mc Ewan Hall which are definitely worth a look.

F. DietrichThere is far more to the university than only historical buildings. It is connected to museums and exhibitions in the city. The Heritage Trail, will tell you everything you need to know.

Freya Dietrich