Cuckoo’s Bakery

cuckkoIf you need a huge mug of cappuccino or an afternoon tea after a long sightseeing tour through Edinburgh, try one of the Cuckoo’s Bakeries. They’re two little cafés offer a great variety of cupcakes near the Meadows or the King George V Park. Whether you’re alone or with friends, you’ll enjoy the homey atmosphere in the shops.

cuckooSea salted caramel, Nutella cheesecake or strawberry white chocolate are only examples of the enormous assortment of fantastic decorated and delicious tasting cupcakes. You get one of these little beautiful cakes for about three pounds. If you want to save money, take the cupcake away for 50 pence less and enjoy it at home with a cup of hot chocolate. But there is a tiny problem: when you’re in the bakery you don’t want to leave, so you probably have to make peace with the more expensive option.

If you need something bigger than a cupcake, you can also buy a whole cake. Watch out: they take orders from their website, too.

Veronika Jocher