Cramond Village

IMG_6433 2Located in the north-west of Edinburgh, Cramond is an old fishing village at the River Almond where it enters the Firth of Forth. An interesting fact is its early known site of human settlement, dating to around 8500 BC. 1920 it was officially included into Edinburgh by an Act of Parliament. It still counts to one of the most desirable places to live in this area.

IMG_6511 2.jpgCramond offers an ideal adventure on a sunny day. You can explore the silky beaches, watch boats bobbing up and down in the haven and observe seagulls and swans.

The highlight though is Cramond Island. To enter it, you have to use a narrow walkway which connects the island to the mainland. The catch is that you can only see the path during low tide. This means you have to carefully check out the tides before you head over to the island. People have been stuck on it before!

Insider Tip: Check out the tides!

Franziska Heinen