Comedy Club

IMG_20170911_202304During the day this little club goes almost entirely unnoticed and even in the evening it is all too easy to walk past this little basement gem. However, venture down the steps into this warren that is The Stand Comedy Club and you find a quirky and surprisingly spacious comedy set up. The club comes equipped with a raised stage, professional lighting and a bar that has an impressive number of drinks and prices not too dissimilar to many of Edinburgh’s other bars.

There are different shows from well known faces to events with almost a dozen local acts in one evening. The club hosts both local amateurs to seasoned professionals. It was one of the clubs that Frankie Boyle went to when he was starting up and he frequently comes back to do smaller more personable events.

IMG_20170911_201921Thanks to the clubs rules on fair comedy for both the audience and the comic means there is no heckling, which leads to a fun, relaxed and more personable comedy experience. Despite the clubs strict rules on talking during a performance this is very enjoyable social event which is much cheaper to get into than many of the clubs in the city.

Charles Butler