Charity Shops

Imagine it’s the penultimate day of your trip to Edinburgh and you’re standing in front of your suitcase and face one huge problem: you have bought too many souvenirs and clothes and now your luggage is overflowing. There are two possibilities: either to sit on your suitcase and try squeezing everything in, or you donate some of your old clothes.

charity 1This seems to be something very British. You probably have noticed the various charity shops around the city, for example Shelter Scotland, St Columba’s Hospice, Save the Children, or The British Heart Foundation. The latter collects money to help people with heart diseases. Shelter Scotland supports people finding a place to live. St Columba’s Hospice helps people to get the best out of their later days.

CharityThey all come together to form one large treasure chest. You never know what you’ll find in there. Their assortment depends on their donations, but usually they offer used clothes, books, CDs and DVDs. The voluntary workers are open and friendly and might assist you by finding you a treasure. They will be more than happy about your contribution. Thus, you may not only fly with a lighter suitcase, but also with a lighter heart.

Freya Dietrich

Insider Tip: All shops mentioned above are on the same road.