Ceilidh Club at Asssembly Roxy

Ceilidh 1The what club? Ceilidh, pronounced “kay-lee,” is derived from a Gaelic word for “gathering” or “party,” with today’s ceilidhs throwing some traditional Scottish dancing into the mix. If you pale at the idea of attempting any sort of dancing, fear not! Whether you’re a complete beginner, or simply have two left feet, the ceilidh is fun at any level of experience and sobriety. The event attracts a mix of participants, from tipsy tourists trying a local tradition, to seasoned experts twirling around in kilts.

CeilidhAt Assembly Roxy on Friday nights, the self-described “rock ceilidh band” Teannaich lead the way, playing toe-tapping folk rock tunes to the usually full hall. As the band plays, a caller shouts out the dance moves and walks you through the steps to every song. With dances for two people, groups of varying numbers, and even the entire room, you’ll mingle with everyone in the hall at some point. You don’t have to dance non-stop for three hours, with a bar at the back of the hall keeping the well-needed drinks flowing. An energetic and traditional alternative to the usual city nightlife, the ceilidh is without a doubt the most entertaining and social event you can take part in during your visit to Edinburgh.

Natalya Smith