Cat Café – Maison de Moggy

Cat CaféScotland’s first Cat Café Maison de Moggy is THE place for cat-lovers. It’s not just a café, it’s an experience! There are 12 cats you can pet and play with … if they lower themselves to allow you to do so. They are the kings and queens of moggie-land ruled by the one and only Elodie, a sphynx cat with basically no fur. The café is so popular that you are highly recommended to make a reservation, which can easily be done online. Just make sure your group is no bigger than six people. Cat Cafe

Once you get in, a cat nanny introduces you to the rules of the café, which are basically: take off your shoes, don’t use a flash while taking pictures, don’t pick the cats up. Long story cut short: in one hour you can do anything as long as you don’t upset the fluffy inhabitants.

Cat CafèAnyway, it still is a café so feel free to enjoy daily-changing, tasteful cake creations like lemon-and- lavender cake and all sorts of teas and coffee for little money. But for the record: As you already pay a £ 7 entrance fee, it is not mandatory for you to order something.

Eva Seuken