Café Noir

SONY DSCLocated in Haymarket, Café Noir is a perfect breakfast/brunch stop on the way to the centre if your accommodation is in Coates or Haymarket. The café is a comfortable, quiet place with a spacious, chic interior which makes it a great place to take a relaxed break to yourself or a group hangout. Staff are friendly and very accommodating and the food is delicious; this place gives it all to give you the best coffee break you can get. And that’s no exaggeration: the milk is carefully heated so coffee isn’t given a burnt flavour, it’s made sure your hot drink isn’t too “hot”, the café is held by as bean enthusiasts and know a lot about coffee. Pricing matches the pleasant service and great food, and if you’re not put-off by the small walk out of town then you should enjoy this lovely locals’ café.

Fern Bowdery