Brew Lab

SONY DSCMinimalist, industrial and modern, Brew Lab Coffee is a coffee hotspot and popular student hub. Inside you’ll see open brick walls, understated décor and students on laptops, quietly listening to the staffs own Spotify playlist.

The atmosphere in Brew Lab is very laidback and staff are friendly, passionate and prepared to explain to you the delicate methods in which they make your coffee. Unfortunately, this coffee bar attempts to be trendy and niche can be overwhelming; their dedication to the science of coffee and ‘ambient rap music’ might not be to everyone’s taste, and not to mention the food is odd and overpriced. (What ever happened to the standard ham and cheese panini?)

SONY DSCBrew Lab is a fun place to try out with all its oddities: their cold brews are great and it has an eccentric appeal, but I would seriously miss out on the food unless you’re into cheese slices, falafels and haggis as a dish.

Insider Tip: The bar switches off its WiFi at lunch time during its peak hour due to the sheer number of customers they get at that time.

Fern Bowdery