Black Medicine

Black Medicine Coffee Company-3With its artfully mismatched wooden furniture and endless hidden corners, walking into Black Medicine feels more like entering Narnia than it does a simple cafe, so if you start wondering if the barista is also a sprightly fawn, don’t be alarmed. However, its whimsical appearance makes it the perfect place to either kick back or knuckle down, which explains its popularity with residents and tourists alike.

Once you snag yourself a cozy corner, a quick glance at the counter reveals a range of smoothies that could kickstart any study session, along with a choice of tea that could comfortably rival any chain. The menu is modest, but the filled panini and bagels are budget-friendly as well as delicious, and go down a treat with the homemade cakes and brownies left temptingly on display.

Black MedicineBest of all though, everything from the lightning-fast wifi to the complimentary ginger snaps feels meticulously thought out, and the constant crowd of industrious hipsters is proof that such efficiency has served them well. It’s that, along with the eclectic but unobtrusive playlist, towering bookshelves and poster-lined walls, that makes Black Medicine a bohemian haven that even the sternest critic couldn’t help but love.

Rhiannon-Skye Boden