Artisan Cheesecake

AC insideIn the southwestern corner of the Meadows, there is a tiny place made for every dairy queen and king. Artisan Cheesecakes dedicated themselves to make the best cakes and fulfil everyone’s sweet dreams.

They put anything edible and delicious into the creamy consistency so many people love. Like Tunnock’s Teacakes? Why not try their cheesecake version of it, then? Until now, Artisan Cheesecakes has thought up almost 300 different flavours. Even people who don’t like the soft-textured dessert will find something for their gusto.

The seating in the café is very limited, so it is best to take a slice with you for £3.20 or a whole 9-inch cake for £30. But beware: the dairy treats are very full in content and therefore take several approaches to finish. And while you’re there, you should also try their fluffy milkshakes.

Insider tip: Listen to the very obliging staff’s recommendations or try their bestseller, the Scottish Tablet.

AC Scottish Tablet

Juliane Seng