Arthur’s Seat

Arthurs Seat 3Climbing a Mountain in the capital of Scotland? It is indeed possible. Technically, Arthur’s Seat is only a hill, but it can seem like a mountain while climbing it. So, dry weather and hiking shoes are recommended. You can find Arthur’s Seat at the foot of Holyrood Park. Just follow the Royal mile and you can’t miss it.


It was formed there as a result of some volcanism around 350 Million years ago. Ice-Age glaciers shaped it afterwards. Now Arthur’s Seat is an amazing attraction for many searching a break from urban life. It’s a little effort to climb the rocks, but the brilliant view over Edinburgh and the sea makes it worth all the sweat and the tired legs. You will also discover a beautiful landscape right in front of your hiking shoes. Wonderful green grass and many different flowers can be found between the brown stones.

There is still one question left. Why is it Arthur’s Seat and not Thomas’ seat or Brian’s seat? There are many theories about the origin of the name. Some people say it’s connected to the legend of King Arthur, while others think the name developed from an origin Gaelic place name.

Veronika Jocher