Exploring Edinburgh

When thinking about Edinburgh, you might have in mind a rainy city, men walking around in tartan kilts and playing a song on their bagpipes. Regarding food; shortbread, fudge, haggis and a good ale could be what you identify with Scotland.


Only when you pay this city a visit, you’ll find out that it offers far more than that. It’s the epitome of diversity, historic heritage and craftmanship. First of all, it has ‘two’ towns. Secondly, it has an inactive volcano you can walk on and thirdly, a castle which is home to The Honours of Scotland, the country’s Crown Jewels. Furthermore, there is left-hand-traffic, pupils who wear school uniforms and young men and women, who are waiting on the Grassmarket on weekend nights, to ride you home safely on their bike. An experience you shouldn’t miss.


In Edinburgh, everyone can find something they like. Besides beautiful parks and greenspaces, the city also is home to various museums and monuments, as well as authors and distinguished people. Adam Smith, for example, is presumably best known for The Wealth of Nations and Robert Louis Stevenson was inspired by the landscape when he wrote his novels Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and Treasure Island. Also in recent times, this place on the East coast of Scotland is still a source of inspiration and home to famous authors. Ian Ranking and J.K. Rowling are two of them. She was undeniably inspired for her Harry Potter novels by some spots around the city.

DSC06848.JPGThe reviews you find on our website are a collection of what we visited during our three weeks stay in the capital of Scotland. Perhaps they will help you find the right spots in this vivid and captivating city, which you’ll sometimes discover away from the main roads.

The articles cover places, tours, cafés with that certain je-ne-sais-quoi or places which seem trivial at first sight but will turn out to have an interesting story. They range from A, like Arthurs’ Seat, to Z, like the Zoo. Yet, you can’t judge something if you haven’t seen it. So, get up from the sofa, start walking to Princes Street, and explore Edinburgh. [find out more]

Freya Dietrich